Public Health Measures for Opening the Province of NB - Covid-19

The Proposed Gradual Opening and Lifting of Restrictions for the Province of New Brunswick COVID-19

Covid-19 has brought a lot of negative things to our lives. It has been a hard time for everyone especially for business owners, employees and even the owners of establishments where people are quarantined. But we cannot deny that it also gave us solidarity among each other. We know that it is not easy to go back to our normal lives when all businesses and establishments are all open but we hope that soon this pandemic will be over so we can go back to our normal lives again.

In New Brunswick, we have made great strides with a lot of sacrifice to curb the spread of COVID-19…for that, I THANK YOU…Yes, Thank you for doing your best to help stop this virus from spreading throughout our region.  I know its been a struggle for many and there will be a ripple effect on businesses that will close and the economy will suffer but I urge you all to heed the advice of Public Health officials and the Leadership of our wonderful region to continue to follow the rules and recommendations set out in the chart above.  If we can continue along the same trend we will have a lot more freedom of movement and you’ll soon see more places and spaces opening up for all New Brunswickers to enjoy.

Here’s an idea…Stay in the Province for the next 12 months…explore NB, vacation here in NB.  We have so much to offer and we can support and lift each other up.  Be kind to your neighbors, your local shop owners, your child’s teacher, the doctors and medical staff, the delivery drivers, the construction workers, the entrepreneurs that are living and working right here in NB…So many people to thank and support.

Thanks for reading…I’m new at all of this “blogging” stuff but it’s a wonderful outlet for all those thoughts in my head…Please enjoy the day and be kind to one another.

Rob 🙂

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