Stay at Home Date Nights?

Stay at Home Date Nights? So with all the COVID-19 restrictions and closures going on all over our region and the world for. that matter, what are you doing for Date Night?  Yep, Date Night…it’s a thing some couples still do, married or not.  My wife and I aren’t on any specific date night schedule, our Friday’s typically entail grocery gathering and caring for our family, sure we go on the occasional date but with all that’s going on we are seeing a lot more of each other and maybe that’s even more reason to carve out some “just us” time.

All that to ask…what are you doing for Date Night?  Any suggestions? I’m talking pure couple time, not grocery getting and kid caring, I’m talking about “couple time” a time to share intimacy and love on each other, have a meal without the kids and pets and others that live in the same house, I’m talking about really spending time together despite being in isolation and existing with each other…come on…I know there are some creative people out there that can share ideas and heck, maybe when this is all over we can actually have out of the house dates again.

I look forward to your suggestions and stories of what you do to keep from just staring at each other blankly.

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