Rob Brown, always looking to level up: EXPCON 2022

Who is Rob Brown the REALTOR®?

“Always happy to be helpful!”. This is what I always tell the people around me, may it be friends, family, or even clients who are needing assistance when it comes to their real estate needs. I am one of those people who put their heart and mind into everything they do and I know that being an expert in the real estate field comes with a lot of effort, knowledge, and perseverance. Our life is a never-ending learning cycle, the reason why I never stop exploring new things that could add up to the expertise I already have.

As an expert, I always make sure to take every chance I can get to learn new things and gather information that would be beneficial to me, my clients, and the community. This is why when I heard about the EXPCON that will be held in Las Vegas this year, I didn’t hesitate to count myself in again. This year will be the second time that I will be part of such a prestigious event and I’m just so excited about it.

The much-anticipated 13th annual EXPCON is scheduled from October 11-14, 2002, to be held in Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The EXPCON is the world’s largest event for the real estate community hosted by eXp Realty. It brings thousands of real estate agents, brokers, and staff from around the world together and creates opportunities for collaboration and learning through networking, training, and innovation forums. It is also open to investors, media, and even non-eXp real estate professionals. The event will feature keynote speakers, expert presentations, and sessions on a wide range of topics related to front-end development and ideas in the real estate world.



Rob Brown the Realtor at EXPCON 2022


Some of the highlights expected will be the kick-Off Pool Party, Agent Awards Dinner Gala, Ending concert and many more. There will be lots of activities during the convention and I will try my best to capture every moment if I could and share it with you on my next blog.

                                                                                                                                                     Rob Brown the Realtor at EXPCON 2022


It is fun and always an honor to be part of such a one-of-kind even like EXPCON, but my main goal is to bring home lots of knowledge and helpful learnings that I could use to excel in what I do and most importantly, share it to my clients and the community.