Fredericton Area Hiking Trails

Looking to get out and hike the beautiful trails in our region?…Here’s a helpful site…ils/LowerSJRiver/Fredericton

With warmer weather and a bit more time of your hands if you’re like me…I like to get out and explore the trail systems in the area.  We have so many wonderful trails in the Capital Region of Fredericton to explore and enjoy.  Not all trails are alike, some are paved, some gravel, some rocky and others just raw forest floor but one thing they all have in common is a destination, every trail leads somewhere even if its a loop or a straight line but the destination isn’t the only thing to see.  We live in an area that offers a lot of diversity in our forests and wooded areas, we have several species of trees and plants that also bring with it a diverse eco system with birds and animals and even reptiles of all kinds.  When you lace up and head out in the trails, take your time, look for a tree or animal that you’ve never seen or heard before…enjoy the time spent in nature and remember…hike out with your trash…leave the trail in better shape than when you used it.

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