What is Essential? March 2020 Real Estate Stats and More

What is Essential? March 2020 Real Estate Stats and More

We have had a lot of people asking us what is going on with real estate at the moment. What is allowed? Are you still doing showings? What is not allowed? What should I be doing as a buyer/seller? Why are real estate salespeople still working during a pandemic?

The Government of New Brunswick has deemed real estate an essential service in New Brunswick because people require shelter during a pandemic and although unfortunate, housing situations change for people even during these times.

First. Let’s deal with sellers. Examples of situations why a seller may be listed for sale.
-Some houses were listed before the Coronavirus outbreak.
-Some had accepted offers that required conditions to be met to complete the deal and then a pre-close must be done on the closing date to fulfill the agreement.
-Some need to list because they are transferred elsewhere and need to sell here to go elsewhere.

Now the buyers. Why are people still buying? Examples of situations in which a buyer may be urgently in search of a home to purchase can include:
– The buyer has sold his or her own house and needs to buy another one.
-The buyer has been transferred to a different city.
-Life circumstances – divorce, separation, death, change in income.

It comes down to what is “essential”. Think of it the same as if you went to a hardware store right now. They want you in to grab a specific item and then out immediately but now is not the right time to just be browsing and real estate is the same way!

At RE/MAX in Fredericton/Oromocto, it is our office policy that salespeople cannot be in direct contact with a buyer or seller. We have a host of technology/tools that allows us to function with prioritization on the safety of our clients and that allows is practice responsible distancing.

Now is not the time just to be “browsing” property. Unless you have an immediate need as indicated above, you should stay home to protect yourself and your family. If you see a real estate salesperson at a property, remember that they are doing their best with the situation and are probably dealing with an essential situation because it is NOT business as usual

.Real Estate Stats

Here are your Fredericton area Real Estate stats in simple and easy terms for March 2020. If you want to learn more about the market and take a deeper dive into what’s happening in the Community head over to Facebook and look up Rob Brown Your Go Fredericton Expert or just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to help

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