April 2020 Real Estate Stats

Stats…who loves stats and data?…I do, it can say a lot about what’s happening, what’s happened and even if used properly can provide insight into what’s trending for the near future.

April 2020 Real Estate Stats

I love to keep you all informed with the current state of Real Estate in the Greater Fredericton Region, and one way I do that is to provide you with up to date, free information, yes, I provide this information at no charge so you can be informed…some would hold info to lord some sort of power over others…why? I feel that you, the public should be aware of what’s happening in our region, specifically with Real Estate.  Real Estate is an indicator of many things.  You can gauge a lot on how well or not so well Real Estate is performing in one region over another.

If you want to learn more about what’s up in the Fredericton Real Estate market, I’m here to help!