About Me

Rob Brown the Person and REALTOR®

Father, Husband, Community Volunteer and Sales Pro


I’ve been in the sales and service industry for many wonderful years.  I started by working in my neighbourhood in Hanwell/Mazerolle Settlement by delivering the Daily Gleaner.  Once I was able to, I began to mow lawns, and babysit children, houses and pets.  While in High School, I worked at the local convenience store located on Hanwell Road.  During my University days, I worked at a local senior care h,ome and then I began my 18+ year career in the automotive business.  I pride myself on treating people with respect and care…just the way everyone should be treated.  It is no surprise that my career path has led me to work as a Realtor®.

Aside from my professional life, I am a dedicated Father, Husband, and outdoor enthusiast.  I love to ski, hike, and camp with friends and family.  I’ve had the opportunity to hike and ski in some of the best areas in Eastern Canada and the US.  My hiking and canoeing adventures have led me up to high mountains and some of the most picturesque rivers in the world.

My love of the outdoors led me to a love of photography and I often find myself getting lost behind the lens as I shoot.

This is me… Funny and professional

Truly an ICON!


As an eXp Realty Icon Agent, I am proud to say I have achieved two consecutive years of consistent success. For me, being an Icon Agent means more than just closing deals and meeting quotas. It’s about providing an unparalleled service to my clients, creating meaningful relationships, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

In the two years since I became an Icon Agent, I have established myself as an expert in my field and developed a reputation for delivering unwavering results. My clients know they can count on me to provide guidance and support throughout their real estate journey. I always strive to provide an exceptional customer experience, and my willingness to go the extra mile has resulted in many successful deals and HAPPY clients.

To be an eXp Realty Icon Agent, one must demonstrate commitment to success through persistent production and service to their clients. This means that I have consistently provided a high level of service to my clients, with an emphasis on professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market. My success as an eXp Realty Icon Agent has been predicated on my commitment to deeply understanding the needs of my clients and providing the best possible solutions. This has resulted in a high rate of success in the transactions I have participated in.


I always make sure to maximize eXp Realty’s platform and attend workshops and seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the real estate industry. I also have the privilege of working using the most innovative and cutting-edge technology available and a very supportive team working with me, the YERXA Team, which also played a big part in my success.

Being an eXp Realty Icon Agent has been an incredible experience. The recognition I have received from my peers has been immensely rewarding, and I look forward to continuing my journey as an Icon Agent. I am confident that my dedication to providing superior service and results will continue to propel me forward in the years to come.

If you are in need of an experienced and reliable professional to assist you with your home purchase or sale, look no further. I am committed to providing attentive, active support throughout the entire process. Let me take the hassle out of your home buying or selling experience contact me today! I’m ready to help!