15 Must-DO Activities during Winter Season in New Brunswick!

Winter Season in New Brunswick can be so much fun! New Brunswick may get the most snow in the Canadian Maritimes each year, but that’s no reason to stay indoors! With this list of activities you can show winter who’s the boss and spend some time outside with family and friends. Get ready for some serious winter fun!

Winter Season in New Brunswick


Skiing or Snowboarding

Winter Skiing or SnowboardingWhether you are a beginner or super experienced skier or snowboarder, you are sure to have a lot of fun on these fantastic snowy hills and trails. Here’s a list of the best ski resorts across New Brunswick:



New Brunswick has some of the best riding in the world, if you like to get out there and play with nature. Snowmobiling is not the only way to adventure across New Brunswick during winter. Local ATV clubs maintain more than 500 km of groomed trails (and ungroomed trails) across the province during winter. Contact your local club or check out the Quad NB website for trails and other pertinent information. You also need ATV permits.


Zip Lining

Timbertop Zip Tours is taking you on a winter adventure unlike any other. After a sleigh ride and hot chocolate at their campfire, you can climb your way over the old-growth forests through rickety ziplines. The unique delight of this adventure is that you’ll have a stunning view from the trees while doing so.





Snowshoes can get you through the winter and make your hiking more enjoyable. Winter is great because it’s usually the time of year when most people don’t feel like hiking outside. However, there are some trails that are inaccessible during the winter and you’ll need a pair of snowshoes to fully enjoy them.

Below are the best places to experience a challenging hike, climb to a lookout and enjoy the views.



New Brunswick is packed with amazing cabins and yurts that are open during the colder months. Get away from it all and have a relaxing weekend surrounded by a quiet forest.



Sleigh Riding

If you love spending time in the great outdoors, consider taking a sleigh ride this winter. Sleigh rides are a great way to enjoy the snow. You and one or two other people will enjoy a relaxing ride as you travel through beautiful landscapes.


Seeing some frozen waterfalls

Have an unforgettable winter hiking adventure to a frozen waterfall. A hike that provides you with unparalleled views of N.B’s icy beauty. Experience seeing the wonder of nature turning running waterfalls into an art.

  • Fall Brook Falls
  • Fundy National Park Waterfalls
  • Hays Falls on the Maliseet Trail
  • Fundy Trail Parkway Waterfalls



You don’t need to be a hockey player or even a skater to skate on ice. Get your skates and hit the ice outside this winter. Whether you choose a historic location like Officers’ Square in Fredericton, natural locations like Lily Lake in Saint John or a pond that is all frozen solid, ice skating outdoors is a quintessential winter activity.



Visiting Provincial Parks and National Parks

New Brunswick’s provincial parks and national parks turn into gorgeous winter wonderlands after a sparkly blanket of snowfall. Take the whole family out for some winter fun on the weekend in the parks.

  • Sugarloaf Provincial Park
  • Mactaquac Provincial Park – Free admission in winter
  • Mount Carleton Provincial Park
  • Fundy National Park
  • Kouchibouguac National Park


Ice Fishing

Come on out for an exciting winter adventure to see if the fish really are biting during the winter months. Great for family visits, this is a great way to get active and have fun! Best part of all? You don’t have to wake up early or stay up late


Road Trip

Drive along winding country roads, off the beaten path. The views are beautiful in any season, especially when they are highlighted by snowfall during wintertime. These beautiful New Brunswick scenic drives are ready for exploring any time of year.

  • Acadian Coastal Drive
  • River Valley Scenic Drive
  • Fundy Coast
  • Fundy Trail Parkway


Winter Fat Biking

You can find ready-made improvised biking trails in many parks. The whole family can enjoy the fresh air while they ride. Unlike regular mountain bikes, fatter tires are used which not only allows you to travel over softer ground but also keeps you safe in icy conditions as well as on hills and hills.

  • Rockwood Park
  • Mont Farlagne Outdoor Centre
  • Mactaquac Provincial Park
  • Sugarloaf Provincial Park
  • Club plein air
  • Fundy National Park & Kouchibouguac National Park


Dog Sledding

There’s nothing better than a dog team to take you on the winter adventures of a lifetime. Meet the dogs firsthand and then cozy up in the shed as you go dashing through the snow! From short few-hour tours (up to 3 dogs and you) to longer winter experiences, there is an adventure for everyone.


Cross Country Skiing

There’s nothing like dropping into fresh powder on cross country skis; it’s a great way to explore a natural area that you wouldn’t normally see on foot. Cross country skiing allows you to move along with your environment and see something unexpected. Get some exercise with friends and family, or let the kids run off some energy by chasing each other around in a wide open space. You can even rent equipment from local shops or sign up for ‘Learn to Ski’ programs at ski resorts.



Winter Celebrations

It’s not just about the holidays! New Brunswick is all about the winter. There’s nothing better than spending a day outdoors with family and friends – and even better, kicking back to watch them do the same.

And with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the best family friendly events happening during New Brunswick’s winter!

  • Shivering Songs
  • WinterFrolic D’Hive
  • Frostival – Fredericton
  • Hubcap Comedy Festival – Moncton
  • Fundy Winterfest – Saint John
  • Sackville Winterfest
  • Hartland Winter Carnival Winterfest
  • Shippagan’s Ice Carnival
  • Dieppe Winter Carnival – usually held in Late January to Mid February
  • Riverview Winter Carnival – usually held in February
  • Appalachian Carnival – usually held in February
    Campbellton Snow-Fest– usually held in February
  • East Restigouche Winter Festival – usually held in February/March
  • Snow Blast Florence Ville-Bristol – Usually held in February
  • Perth-Andover Winter Carnival – Usually held during Family Day weekend
  • Bathurst Snow Bear Winter Carnival – Usually held in February
  • Shediac Winter Carnival – Usually held in February
  • Saint-Quentin Winter Carnival– Usually held in February


Winter is one of the most exciting times of the year, full of opportunities for fun activities—and, thanks to local programs and events all over the country, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this winter season.