12 Family-Friendly Christmas Party Games

This Christmas, it’s time to bring out your favourite festive games and create unforgettable memories with the family. Whether you are gathering the entire extended family or just hosting the immediate family, these 12 family-friendly Christmas party games are sure to inspire some holiday cheer and bring you unforgettable laughs.

1. Winter Scavenger Hunt: Search for hidden Christmas-themed objects around the house. Once the hunt is over, it’s time to sing carols, drink hot cocoa, and exchange gifts.

2. Holiday Charades: Divide into two teams, and draw names of Christmas-themed charade ideas (Walking in a Winter Wonderland) from a hat. Take turns acting out each phrase without speaking and without gestures, and time each other to find out who can guess the most phrases in a minute…the winning team wins exciting prizes.

3. Snowman Building Contest: Let your children’s creativity take center stage when it comes to building the perfect snowman. Who will win the title of overall snowman-builder? Judge the snowmen on their design, originality, and creativity.

4. Christmas Karaoke: Pull out the Christmas tunes and let everyone sing their favourite carols. Keep the competition fair by separating teams into different ages. Choose a panel of professional judges and let your family members get creative in their performances.

5. Reindeer Races: Create a snowman (or a reindeer) obstacle course in your living room and divide it into two teams. A reindeer-racing competition is sure to bring on some serious laughter.

6. Santa Claus Challenge: Divide into two teams and make it a challenge to find out who will be Santa’s Helpers. The team that collects the most Christmas-themed items wins!

7. Christmas Cookie Bakeoff: Who doesn’t like Christmas cookies? Whip up your favourite cookie recipes and let your guests be the judges. Everyone will be thrilled to eat all of the yummy treats.

8. Wrap Race: Divide into two teams and designate one person from each team to be the “Wrapper”. The Wrapper must race to the wrapping station and wrap a gift in the fastest time.

9. Gift Exchange: To make your holiday extra special, let your family members give each other personalized gifts. Have everyone draw names out of a hat and let them design the perfect gift for their recipient.

10. Name That Tune: Play some popular Christmas songs and have everyone guess the title. The one who guesses the most correctly wins!

11. Hot Potato: Get everyone moving with this classic game. Have everyone sit in a circle and pass a wrapped gift around. When the music stops, whoever has the gift is out of the game!

12. Pin the Nose on Rudolph: This classic game is a great way to get everyone involved. All you need is a poster of Rudolph, some paper noses, and some sticky tape. Blindfold each player and have them try to pin the nose on Rudolph. The one who gets closest to the target wins!

By playing these 12 family-friendly Christmas party games, you can create wonderful, magical moments that your family members will remember and cherish for years to come. Let the spirit of the holiday season carry you away and have a great time with your loved ones!



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