11 Simple Tips on How to Prepare your Home for the Holidays


It’s time to get your holiday spirit on.

I personally love and always look forward to this time of the year. Time to spend with loved ones, time for gift-giving, and time to celebrate all the blessings in life. Now that everything is getting back to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone just has something for the holiday season.

It may be hard to believe, but we only have 39 days left in the year 2022. And that means it’s time to start planning the perfect holiday. If you are planning to spend most of the holiday season at home or planning to host a party, it is always important to have everything ready. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, here are some tips on how to prepare your home for the Holiday Season.


1. Before you start decorating, make sure you’ve cleaned and prepared your home for the holidays. If you’re short on time, focus on the main spaces such as your entryway, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.


2. When it comes to holiday decorating, LESS CAN BE MORE. If you have a big crowd coming over for the holidays, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the work and planning that goes into hosting a party. But before you start decorating, take stock of what you have. Decide which to keep and consider donating some of the items from your old inventory rather than throwing them away. This will help cut your decorating time while allowing you to focus on the pieces that you truly love.


3. If you plan on getting the nice dishes out of storage, chances are they’ve gathered a good amount of dust. Before the day of your get-together, it’s a good idea to get them washed so you can focus on the important stuff (aka the food).


4.Make sure to clean out any ashes left in the firebox and schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning as early as possible. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using seasoned firewood and avoiding pressure-treated wood when lighting your fire.


5. If you’re spending the holiday season in your home, you’re probably going to get a little bit of heat. But if you want to keep your loved ones safe from fires, it’s important to make sure that your decorations aren’t at risk. Unplugging or blowing out any lit candles before you leave the house or go to bed is always a good idea. If there are no electric menorahs or kinaras available, try using traditional types. You should also keep any flammable decorations away from highly-flammable surfaces like wood decks and fireplaces.


6. Whether you’re hosting a huge feast for friends and family or just cooking for yourself, keeping your cupboards and refrigerator stocked with the ingredients for your holiday feast, small festive treats, liquors, wines,  as well as your daily staples will make the holidays much easier to navigate.


7. Make a list of family members and friends who will be coming over for meals and parties so that you can make sure there are enough chairs for everyone and enough dishes for them. And of course, don’t forget their presents! 


8. Do a walk-through of your home and test out all of your lighting fixtures to ensure your party won’t get left in the dark. Keep a stash of extra bulbs just in case. You can also consider hiring a holiday lighting pro to install new lighting and level up your holiday decorations. The last thing you need is a burnt-out bulb on your dining room chandelier right before you enjoy the feast.


9. If you’re planning a holiday-themed party, don’t forget to consider what your guests will be wearing. Your guests’ shoes can scratch up or otherwise damage your floor, especially hardwood floors. At the very least, you may have muddy puddles of Frosty the Snowman to clean up. To avoid all of this mess, keep a drip tray handy near the door.


10. Whether or not you’re expecting any, it’s important to get your guest room ready. After all, you could get hit by surprise visits from your in-laws, family or friends. Dust and vacuum your guest room and get a fresh set of sheets on the bed. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with soaps, toiletries, and clean towels, too.


11. Make sure to have the essentials in stock. No one will want to run to the drugstore during holiday celebrations. Avoid extra trips by making sure you have plenty of these essentials on hand:

Toilet paper
Hand soap
Hand sanitizer
Paper towels
Paper plates/disposable cutlery
Trash bags
Dish soap
Plastic wrap
Aluminum foil
Laundry detergent


Planning for the holidays and preparing your home doesn’t need to be stressful, especially if you plan early. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you have a cozy and joyful festive season, even if you’re spending it from the comfort of your home, either alone or with a small group of your family and friends.